Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Frog and the Polar Bear

Once upon a time, there was a frog and a polar bear.

The Frog and the Polar Bear

They decided to go shake down some people for candy.

Give me candy!

First they went downtown, to see how much they could score.

Look out, town, we're coming for you...

The terrified townspeople were surprisingly forthcoming.

More candy!


Frog and Polar Bear were very pleased with their haul. Until Frog ran into her arch nemesis, Scream-Thingy!

Frog is...

But she overcame her momentary fear...

...a little freaked out...

And eventually intimidated him into parting with some candy. Ha! Take that, Scream-Thingy!

...but goes for the candy anyway.

Frog and Polar Bear decided to return to their own neighborhood for more mayhem.

Rawr Ribbit

They headed off into the night for more candy...

Off to scare up some candyh

...before returning home, victorious with their spoils.

End of the night....

Little did they know that whilst they were gone, other creatures had descended on their home to do the same thing....

No more candy

Gosh darn creatures of the night!

That's okay. Polar Bear is scheming for next year, claws at the ready.