Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm baa-aaack....

...from the vacation that never ended. I need a vacation from my vacation. But I successfully managed to survive and bring along a husband and seven-to-eight month old baby through a complicated travel plan involving a car trip to Atlanta, a plane ride to Germany, another car trip to the south of France, a plane ride back from Germany to Ohio, and a final car trip from Ohio back to North Carolina. I'm exhausted just writing that down. We went to Dragoncon in Atlanta, to Oma and Opa's house, to Heidelberg, to Munich, to a visit with triplet nieces in Bad Wildungen, to a rental house in the Provence, and a final night with Granny D. And now we are home. Thank the Gods.

Did I finish the psycho baby blankie? A pictorial answer:
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Admittedly, this is sans border. A border has been added since, in white reverse stockinette. Will add picture later, when I'm not sick of dealing with all the photographic detritus of our "vacation".

And here's the shot that embarrassed my hubbo. That's the bridge in Avignon, baby! (France, if you didn't know.)
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And one final one for the blankie lovers:
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