Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New Quilt=New Blog Post

Pam's quilt--flying
Yes, that is a finished quilt. No, it is not one of the two, no wait, three, that I have had in production since winter. It is an emergency quilt, a quilt needed so urgently by someone that I could not stand it, and not because quilts are warm, although they are, and not because they are made of fabric and thus could possibly be used as a parachute replacement, although I guess they could be, but because she is going through something terrible and I needed to make her something cozy and comforting and cheery and bright. I hope I succeeded.

It started on Friday. With this...
...which turned into this...
...and then this...
...and finally this...
...with such speed my shoulders still ache.

Pam's quilt--beauty shot

And boy was that photo shoot windy.
Pam's quilt--damn, it's windy

Did I mention windy?

Girl and Quilt--did I mention windy?

Girl and Quilt--windy
Damn windy.
Girl and Quilt--really windy
Really really windy.
Girl and Quilt--still windy

So there she is. I hope Aunt Pam loves her as much as I do (the quilt, not the girl. Aw heck, the girl, too.)