Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New Quilt=New Blog Post

Pam's quilt--flying
Yes, that is a finished quilt. No, it is not one of the two, no wait, three, that I have had in production since winter. It is an emergency quilt, a quilt needed so urgently by someone that I could not stand it, and not because quilts are warm, although they are, and not because they are made of fabric and thus could possibly be used as a parachute replacement, although I guess they could be, but because she is going through something terrible and I needed to make her something cozy and comforting and cheery and bright. I hope I succeeded.

It started on Friday. With this...
...which turned into this...
...and then this...
...and finally this...
...with such speed my shoulders still ache.

Pam's quilt--beauty shot

And boy was that photo shoot windy.
Pam's quilt--damn, it's windy

Did I mention windy?

Girl and Quilt--did I mention windy?

Girl and Quilt--windy
Damn windy.
Girl and Quilt--really windy
Really really windy.
Girl and Quilt--still windy

So there she is. I hope Aunt Pam loves her as much as I do (the quilt, not the girl. Aw heck, the girl, too.)


deb said...

Well, you did it again!! Created something absolutely marvelous out of almost nothing at all...and made your mama cry like a baby, too. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful daughter and caring niece...well, come to think of it--thank you so much for just being a really really good human being. You make me proud every day, daughter.

All my love,


Anonymous said...

What a great gift of yourself!! The quilt is really beautiful and I'm sure will be loved by Aunt Pam as she faces her climb to good health. We all wish the best for her and your quilt will be a great way for her to know how much her family loves her. Thank you so very much. I am headed to TX on Thursday and the quilt is too!
Love and peace,
Aunt Marcy

Udanax said...

i love those blustery photos! and my best aunt pammy!

Kit Lang said...

love the quilt and the photo shoot!

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