Saturday, July 14, 2007

Out of retirement....

Hey, folks! I don't even want to know the date of my last post, it's so embarrassing. So we will move on, no?

I think I will let the new little lady speak for me. I'm sure you will forgive me after she explains the situation.

Vala Speaks! from scifimama and Vimeo.

There. I knew that would do it.

Yes, there is a new addition to the One Blue Tree family. And our dear little Vala Margarethe is quite a talker, even at 2.5 months. Gavin loves his little sister already, although the other day, when his grandma said, "Why don't you talk to the baby? Maybe then she'll stop crying!", Gavin looked at her little sad face and said, very firmly,


Ah well.