Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not Necessarily a Post....

Just some notes on the past week:
  • Took the boy to the park this weekend, and let him hold the dog's leash. What I thought would be a funny sidebar kind of moment turned into a "complete astonishment over how long he could hold onto our pulling dog" walk around the two mile pond. He held the leash for probably a third of the way, and never complained. Now I know who would beat who in a "boy vs. dog" brawl.
More baby boy funMore baby boy fun
  • I did not know what I was getting into when I started that damn Dr Who Scarf, but I am getting into the swing. It will probably shock my mom to learn that my self set deadline is Thanksgiving Day, and that I have set myself a "distance knit per day" quota that I have so far managed to meet. I think I need deadlines. The scarf is already twice as long as it was just one week ago.
  • Uhh, I think if you use bullet points, you need to use more than two, so this is the third one. Hmmmm. How about a haiku? A-heh-heh-hem, "Boy needs a kleenex/the dripping goo is running/from his little nose."
And on that disgusting note, I leave you.


kelli ann said...

hi sara, taro-blankie sara, your boy could not be any more adorable i think.

today i am lost in my thoughts. glad you stopped by my blog... cheers!

Anonymous said...

yo! I'll be lucky to see you when you at your ma's soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a fellow NCian. I stumbled on your blog from another blog I read. I enjoyed it. Isn't Great Yarns a nice store?