Friday, December 16, 2005


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My good friend Xan, unwrapping
5 great iPhotos
what has turned out to be
5 great iPhotos
her favorite present of all time, and, as she says (quote), "This is not faint praise, as I was once given a talking yoda."

So, one Doctor Who Scarf, completed. I really wanted to get a shot of all 10,000 feet of it as I was knitting the last couple of inches, but never did manage to. I did get it done by my deadline, by the way. In fact, I beat the deadline by two days, which must be a new record for me. All I can say is, if you are a friend or family member and you would like me to knit you a Doctor Who Scarf, you can FORGET IT. Never again. Unh-unh. No way in hell.

All right. Maybe. If you are really really nice to me. And pay for the tendonitis treatment.


Ma said...

Xan, you look adorable and quite Dr. Wholike in your new 10,000 foot scarf. Just be sure, Miss Isadora, that you don't take any rides in a Bugatti any time soon, OK?

And SARA!! Wow, good for you, woman!! Ahead of schedule! As I watched you suffer through making (and at times NOT making) your goal of rows each day, I had my doubts that it would ever be done, or figured it for an April birthday present at the very least. You have done something to be extraordinarily proud of. And I'm proud of you for doing it, too!!


Chris & Xan said...

Xan here, recipient of this magnificent piece of knittery! It really is amazing to behold, and is so warm and cuddly-it could almost be classified as a skinny afghan!
I adore it. When Sara gave it to me, I opened it, gushed over it, hugged her, then threw it on and announced my plan was to wear it all day. I think I paraphrased William Hurt from The Big Chill, saying "I love this. I am never taking it off, I'm going to sleep in it." After a few hours of visiting, Sara looked at me and said, "You really are just going to wear that thing all day, aren't you?" I think I actually did sleep in it that night.
I get comments on it everywhere I go, but especially at comic conventions. People stop me and ask me where I got it, who made it, and can they get one. I tell them my dear friend Sara made it for me, and it was all blood, sweat and tears to make, so it is therefore one of a kind, just like her.