Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V.D., Everybody!*

Despite having the world's worst head cold and/or flu, and having to completely clean my house, do my laundry, and pack for a trip to Germany, I thought I would update my blog to talk about CHEEK. As in Joey Cheek. As in the cutest little gold medalist speed skater ever! And he's from North Carolina! Ok, I really only live in North Carolina, and am not really from here, but still the stately pride swells in my bosom. I about had heart palpitations last night watching the men's 500 meter race. I was chanting "Go Joey, go Joey, don't fall, don't fall," over and over. And the voodoo must have worked. Yaaaaay!! Oh, and he's giving his 25K bonus to a children's relief charity in Africa. Be still my heart.

Other than that, yes, going to Germany. Tomorrow. Ugh. Not the Germany part, the "going" part, which of course involves plane travel, which I already can't stand, and also plane travel with a one year old who can walk, which I think might have to involve some kind of muscle relaxant for Mama. Or maybe just a forced zen feeling. Repetitive chanting of "Calm, cool, collected," maybe. Perhaps some discreet incense burning. Ok, maybe not that last one. Hopefully, the boy will sleep, but of course since he's a lap child, if he sleeps it will have to be atop one of us, which is always fun in an already cramped airline seat. I guess I should be glad that we didn't have to pay for a ticket for him. And maybe the plane won't be too full.

Ok, now I've jinxed it. Better stop talking before I say something like "and we will leave on time, arrive early, have no lines through customs or immigration, and no one will be smoking in the Frankfurt airport."

Shoot, I just did. That smoking thing is, of course, a total fantasy, so perhaps that will negate the jinx. Can you jinx a jinx? Can you tell I've had too much cold medicine?

*my high school english teacher always said this. gotta love high school english teachers.


alison said...

Best of luck with the flight! We arrived just fine, with no problems at customs or immigration. It can be done!

After being informed in the plane three times that there was no smoking in the entire Frankfurt airport, we followed the signs to the baggage claim and landed right in a huge smoking area. Still, it's WAAAAY better than it was a few years ago when people could and did smoke everywhere. Blech!

Ma said...

Yaaaay Joey Sweet Cheeks!! He is so incredibly adorable! I loved that he said "What I do really is ridiculous--I skate around in circles wearing tights." He was so very self-deprecating and sweet. . .and he's using his fifteen minutes of fame to help those who can't help themselves--COOL!!

Have a GREAT time in Germany, sweetie! I'll miss you, though--who am I going to call to share those "Olympic moments" ???


Erica said...

Have a great time! Perhaps lots and lots of stockinette could calm the nerves, and not be too terrible if you drop a stitch while chasing after small fry.

Good luck!