Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Good News... that we are MOVING to TORONTO. Yes, we are finally up and skidaddling (sp?) from the heat of the south, and going back to the north. My hubbo wanted to move to Canada from the start (we moved here from Germany) and now we actually get to. I am also excited since my very good friend and roommate from college lives in Napanee, Ontario, so I will actually get to see her more than once every four years.

The Bad News? We are MOVING. To TORONTO. Anyone who has ever moved, and especially moved to another country, knows what I mean. At least this time there is no trans-atlantic voyage involved. But the selling of the house is what is currently filling our days and nights. We have been furiously (and I mean furiously, as in, yelling and screaming) renovating the bathroom, which has been plagued by mistakes, miscalculations, goofy non-standard building practices of the early 80s, and lots of spackle. Loads. Gallons, maybe. The wallpaper removal might actually turn out to be the highlight of this whole exercise. And that is after I decided that people who put up wallpaper DESPISE other people. I mean that. I felt the hate with every square milimeter of paper I scraped from the wall.

But hey, it's gone now! Yay!

As for the rest of it? I don't want to talk about it.

No, really.

Oh, all right, if you really must know.

1. scraping of wallpaper left many gouges in unprimed wallboard.
2. sink, once removed and destroyed, could not be replaced with appropriate size due to undercabinet drawers.
3. builders of house put holes in walls in order to fit standard sink. appropriate coverings of said holes were sold out of local Lowe's
4. ill-advised silicone "fix" for separating cieling made for bad paint job.
5. self-proclaimed "wallpaper hater" sara of one blue tree must install wallpaper border to cover bad paint job.
6. renovating couple waiting for sixth shoe to drop. can you actually have more than two shoes dropping?

There you go. Read 'em and weep.


Erica said...

Oh, my. That is quite a list of bathroom grievances, and I admire your fortitude.


You are MOVING to CANADA! I am so insane with jealousy that words just do not come close to illustrating the crazed envy which now grips me.

Just show them your fabulous kitchen, and when they ask to see the bathroom, direct them back to the kitchen. Repeat until sold -- which will take probably less than three seconds.

Congratulations and the very best of luck!

James said...

A great place to start is the Toronto Living page of the Ontario Tenants Rights website.