Friday, January 23, 2009

Gavin is 4 years old!

I am a few days late, but Gavin did indeed turn 4 on January 19th. See?


I made him a cake. And no, I am not blind or palsied, even though it might look that way from the wavy decorating. He enjoyed it, anyway.



And here is one great reason to have children.


Have you ever seen more wonder and delight in the rising smoke from a blown out birthday candle?

I certainly haven't.


Ma said...

Nor have I. This is SUCH a delightful picture!! There is NOTHING more precious or fun to observe than the innocence of childhood. Especially when it's THESE two!!

Udanax said...

Yes. When they are your kids, it's lovely :)

I dig those wavy candles!

Ma said...

Hey, the first pic in this series, the one with you and kiddies smiling with the cake -- you look EXACTLY LIKE my mother in that pic. . .I mean EXACTLY. I've never noticed that much resemblance before, but suddenly there she was looking back at me, young and vital again. Made me cry!!