Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm Awake, I'm Awake.....

The boy has decided that I have had enough sleep this morning. So here I am. Just thought of something funny. Actually watched Sesame Street the other day for the first time since I was a child, and really enjoyed it. In fact, I laughed out loud at some of it. Especially Maurice, who refers to himself as "the Fourth little pig". He is, you guessed it, a pig. He is helping the candidates for the Big Bad Wolf substitute (the big bad wolf is going on vacation) get ready by running after him, and when he stops to catch his breathe, says, "Oh, I'm sweatin' like a . . . thing . . . that sweats . . . a great deal." I laughed my ass off. Not sure why. I think it was the word choice "a great deal". You just know whoever wrote this was laughing, too.

Oh, and since when did Sesame Street become the fracking Elmo show? I mean, I understand Jim Henson died, and they probably wanted a new main character, but Elmo? He refers to himself in the third person, like a pro boxer. Is this really the role model I want my child to follow? At least Bert and Ernie are still there, and Oscar the Grouch, and Big Bird, but the fixation on Elmo was making me nuts.

I vote for making Maurice the new main character.

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Ingrid said...

I, too, have been revisiting Sesame Street as of late. I have to say it is Grover who cracks me up. He often says things meant for the adult viewers that fly over the kids' heads.

And as for Elmo, I was proud that my son wasn't in the Elmo fan club -- that is, until recently. All of a sudden one day (when he was about 21 months old) it was Elmo this and Elmo that. But, I have to say it is pretty cute, and I've learned to put up with him.