Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whatever Happened to Baby Jayne?

In honor of the opening of Serenity, the Firefly movie, I made the boy a Jayne hat. Not that Jayne is a rolemodel I hope he emulates. But he looks durn cute in the hat.
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It took me maybe three hours. No pattern, just winging it. Very liberating. And it fits! I guess I oughtta make some matching mittens and scarf, just for coordination's sake.
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Updated: We just came back from seeing Serenity. Oh my god. If you think you might like, or even just sort of like, science fiction, go see this movie. It is truly astoundingly good. Hell, even if you don't like science fiction, you might like it. Joss is definitely boss. The dialogue is clever and funny, the pacing is tight as a drum, the story is fascinating, and the acting is superb. There was not one second I felt needed to be cut, which is a miracle in today's movies. I also think he did a great job in making a movie that will appeal to not just the fans. Of course, being a fan, I can't really say that objectively, so will someone who is not a fan but saw this movie please comment? I think what made it so great was that it seemed to be made for love, not money. No fan pandering, no shielding characters in case another movie deal comes through. All or nothing, just like the Captain.

In a word? Shiny.

And here's the blankie in all its finished glory, avec border, plus a close up of the final square.
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diana said...

Can't comment on the movie, but I love the hat the movie inspired!

diana said...

Ooo, and I love the blanket!

zenonna said...

What a gorgeous blankie! And cute kid! And fabulous Momma! And I look forward to seeing Serenity - thanks for confirming its greatness.

Jamie said...

Serenity was fantastic! I'm a fan, so not objective, but I took a non-fan and she said she liked it, too. All I could say was, "LIKED it?" How could she just like it? It was stupendous!! I finally even love Jayne. And that hat!! Well done! Will you be able to write down the pattern for those of us to addled by kids and work to wing it so beautifully? Please?

Kay said...

Just love the blanket. Isn't it cool how it looks sun-dappled? I know it IS sun-dappled, but I think the white bits make it look that way even when it's not.

The hat is cute too and needless to say the boy in it! xox Kay

Sara said...

Re: Jamie. I will try to write the pattern down sometime this week, and hopefully post it on the blog somewhere. I'm so glad you took a "non-believer" to see Serenity! Hopefully enough word of mouth will get the movie the audience it deserves!

DrEtak said...

*ack!* Serenity! It was, my gosh, I can't even DESCRIBE how much I loved it! Husband and I have been in love with Firefly just when it first started as a TV show, and so of COURSE we went to see it on opening night. And...yeah, eek (you know what I am talking about) but it was so good!

And the hat is adorable. Good job!

I'm putting up knitting content now. Really. :-)

Granny D said...

I LOVE the blankie and the hat, but love MOST OF ALL the hands that created them and the precious little guy for whom they were so lovingly wrought. I couldn't be prouder of both of you! You're the best!