Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Blues Continues...

...with my poor arm. Yep, I screwed up my wrist good and proper. Not broken, but nearly. Last night I did one of those banana-peel pratfalls where your feet fly up higher than your head, before you land flat on your back. Or, in my case, my right arm. And now, after a three hour long visit to urgent care (ugh) I am not allowed to use my arm for a week. Lovely. This of course means no picking up of the boy, no diapering the boy, no dressing of the boy. And no knitting.


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Jill said...

Hi Sara, yikes indeed! It must have taken you ages to type that post with one arm! When your arm gets better, yes you should try screenprinting as its very easy and fun! I just bought a kit from my local art supply store. Thanks for visiting my blog :)