Friday, January 13, 2006

Broken Toe Blues

Is it possible to break your toe by stubbing it on the coffee table? I think probably. I have been hobbling around for four days on a black and blue pinky toe. Stupid phone. Why do we have phones? I wonder how many accidents happen in the home because somebody's running for the phone.

I thought I should update my blog. Not that I have anything to say. I have been planning the boy's first birthday party, although "planning" is probably not quite the word. What I have mostly been doing is printing out cute invitations, making banners, and creating a first birthday t-shirt for the boy. NONE of this is actually necessary. But you know me. Ms. Crafty Pants. I also managed to clean up and organize the office. This has, annoyingly enough, not made the rest of the house clean and organized. I was hoping for a kind of domino effect, where the clean vibes emanating from the office would cause dust bunnies to implode and dirty laundry to become clean, folded, and put away, all without the touch of my hands. Somehow, it didn't happen.

Oh! and I bought party supplies. That's planning, right? I've got this lovely purple and lime green scheme, based on the monster invites, and I went a little crazy. Everything will be purple and lime green. I will probably even wear my lime green t-shirt or sweater (depending on the weather) just to cement my complete dorkitude.

In knitting news? I have been working, and working, and working on an accent pillow for my bedroom. The problem? It's this really pretty latvian braid technique that involves a lot of untwisting of hopelessly twisted-together yarns, and goes REALLY SLOWLY. R E A L L Y S L O O O O O W L Y. I had big plans when I started, "Oh, I'll make some pillows for the living room, and the boy's room, and some curtain edgings, and some dishtowels! The whole house will be filled with Latvian Braid!" Uh huh. Now, I will be lucky if this one accent pillow makes it to completion.

But hey, maybe the completion vibes will cause the rest of my knitting projects to knit themselves while I sleep.


Lisa said...

Oh yes, it's possible. I did it Tuesday morning on a stack of boxes. Tape the poor toe to the one next to it (with a little bit of gauze between them for comfort), ice it regularly, and take your favorite anti-inflammatory (aspirin, ibuprofen, whatever). I have been using a cane out in the world, to help with balance and keep my gait as regular as possible to avoid throwing out my back. If the bruising and pain extend into the foot, you should go get x-rays to make sure you haven't broken a bone in your foot, which would require a cast. Otherwise, tape it up and be nice to it for a few weeks.

Kat said...

I've done it. In addition to buddy-taping to the next toe, wear clogs or Birks or something like them. The firm platform helps.

Jill said...

Doing all the fun things definitely counts as planning! What kind of party would it be otherwise? :)

diana said...

Sorry about the toe! My mother broke hers on the stairs. Ouch!