Monday, November 20, 2006

My life in pictures

Okay, so not really my whole life, but a good chunk of the past two months. For example, the hubbo's parents came for a visit. We took them up in the CN Tower, where we discovered that although most adults get the willies from standing on the glass floor, my son can't get enough:
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For those of you who don't know, this is what he's looking at:
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Then, came pumpkins and more pumpkins.
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Oh, and the boy's favorite new word is "pumpkin", which you can hear about twenty times a day. Usually referring to pumpkin shaped objects, but occasionally referring to Christmas lights, smiley faces, or rotund cartoon characters.

I also discovered that Canadians have a real knack for sophisticated phrasing on signs. Well, at least this one.
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Oh, and then there was this tiny man who could lift a car with his pinky, who insisted on traipsing around the neighborhood in a cape and asking complete strangers for candy.
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He then took off on his tiny supersonic vehicle.

Oh, and he told me to let you know that Superman is soon to get a little brother or sister. Sometime in April. Don't tell Lex Luthor.


Ma said...

You are one sneaky Momma!!!

I can't wait to meet her/him--but naturally I'm pulling for a girl this time! Whatever sex the baby is, he/she will be a "punkin'" for sure, and Gavin will be able to say that right away!

I am so excited about your new little one, and so tickled that things are going well for you, but then you know that already. . .


Anonymous said...


What a cutie! Sorry i will be missing you this week - but I'm looking forward to making a trip up with mom sometime soon!


Erica said...

Congratulations! Superman can have a sidekick next Halloween! (Tell him that Fortress of Solitude thing is HIGHLY overrated.)

Congratulations once again, and take good care of yourself!

zenonna said...

Wow! Congrats! Maybe some day I'll be able to meet both of the little ones!

Hope you are well up there in Canada.


Rose said...

SARA, I'm thrilled for you! I didn't know! My best to you, Henning, Gavin! He is such a sweetheart. I wish you could post more, so I can keep up. haha. I understand. I have added new posts to my blog. Check me you all

Aunt Rose