Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've met her! I have finally met the blogger to which all other bloggers should owe allegiance! The Yarn Harlot! She of the Sarah Jessica Parker hair and smouldering lawn! Oh, and she held my baby.
Yarn Harlot, meeting Vala
Great. Now I can't ever give Vala a bath. She will be seventeen, with long greasy dreadlocks to the ground, and asking me, "Ma, why can't I bathe? Everybody at school does!" and I will have to shake my head sadly and say, "Yes, but not everybody at school was held by the Yarn Harlot! As an infant! The Harlot!"

Okay, seriously, I had a great time finally seeing the great Stephanie Pearl McPhee in the flesh. She is absolutely hysterical. Like, stand up comic funny. Stories I already knew from the blog took on new life, some complete with Jamaican accents. I of course totally flaked at the book signing, unable to put two words together to make actual conversation. Vala talked more than I did. Of course, that was satisfying, watching my smiley baby charm everybody there. And I met her! The Yarn Harlot! She signed my books! I love her! Aaaaagh!

It's okay, I'm all right now. Just let me go collapse in the corner in a little sweaty ball 'til I regain my composure.

Until then, enjoy some photos.

Don't you mess with this girl's umbrella.
Dat's my umbrella, punk

That's better. See? Can't we all just get along?
My umbrella, hurray!

Oh my god. There goes any doubt that these are his children....

And finally, here is how my son leaves a restroom. Potty seat, stool, and Scientific American.
Potty seat, stool, Scientific American....


Crystal said...

Hi, I just saw your pic over on Yarn Harlot and had to pop over and tell you how cute your baby was (and what an adorable outfit!). Now I see your son and I don't know he may be even cute, if that's possible.

KnittingMole said...

Hi Sara,

Just came over from the Harlot too. I totally relate with your past Home Improvement posts too. My husband and I are in the same boat. Who invented those sticky vinyl floor tiles? And whose bright idea was it to put them over HARDWOOD floors? Boggles the mind.

HikerMa said...

Hi Sweetie,

Love that you posted the potty seat pic--maybe reading to Gavin from Scientific American would be a good reward for going in the potty!

Looks like the Harlot was pretty fond of Vala, too. . .can't imagine why; such an unattractive child! (Yeah right--just when I think the cuteness scale has topped out, she pushes it up a notch!)

Glad you're back to posting, and the Flickr pix are GREAT!!


Sherry said...

I'm delighted that you met the Harlot. I, too, would be gibbering with shyness in the presence of such a personage in the world of yarn blogs.
good for you.