Sunday, April 19, 2009


I always find that, when I have guests, I actually see the city I claim to live in. Xan and Chris came this weekend (and still are "here", i.e. downtown) for a comic convention, and stayed with us Thursday night. And check it out! Stone-'enge is downtown!

It's about ten feet tall, and yes, the little children were dancing around it. I don't have any decent pictures of this, however, so you will have to wait for Xan and Chris to give me some.

And look, the kids were as astonished as I was...

vala and gavin amazed

(okay, they were actually watching a plane land on the island, but hey.)

Vala, Chris, and Xan

I don't have a witty caption for this photo. Aren't they cute?

Before this, we went to the Fickle Pickle for lunch. And look, isn't that a famous comic book artist?


Vala is such a big fan. I totally should have kept that menu. Might be worth a mint one day.

And of course, Gavin monopolized Xan's computer as soon as she got it out.

computer time 2

Well, that's all for now. See ya!
Auntie Xan and the kiddlins

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Ma said...

Stonehenge! In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history! And OH, how the little children danced!! I LOVE this!

And you guys do just look too cute!

Udanax said...

no one knows who they were..... or, what they were doing.

we had so much fun with you guys! thanks so much for hanging in the city and taking us to the fickle pickle! i'll email some photos soon, love you all!