Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life and Procrastination Intervene

Gavin's quilt

So, yeah, it has been three months since I last updated this thing. Yikes. But in my defense, I just . . . had other things to do. Okay, yeah, I admit it. Not an excuse. But since I am mainly writing this apology and defense to myself, it turns out that it's also . . . really pathetic. Let us move on!

I finally finished Gavin's quilt. Hooray! I bought the fabric and the pattern (Mixtape quilt from here) a few months ago, and had been slowly slogging through the piecing and the sashing and the cursing and the crying until finally, it had to be quilted. So I cursed and cried my way through the quilting until finally, after all of that, it had to be bound. So I cursed and cried and swore I had entered a time loop as I painstakingly hand-stitched the binding to the backing until finally, gloriously, it was done. No really. Proof!

Gavin's quilt

I used a bunch of space themed fabrics for my little astronaut (he knows almost all the planets by now, by picture and name.)

Gavin's quilt

And here's the back, pieced from the remaining chunks of space fabric.

Gavin's quilt--back

Here is the binding. Love the binding, worship the binding!

Gavin's quilt

So, as you can see, I have been doing other things. And now I can start something new and ignore this blog for another three months! Awesome!


Sherry said...

oh my lord. so gorgeous! With your definite stamp of originality. I love the backing. Not traditional by any means, and perfect for your nontraditional little astronaut.

Deb said...

Wow!!! It's amazing, and I'm NOT amazed at all that it IS...I think YOU'RE pretty amazing to be able to do all this while being the good mommy I know you to be!! I also love the asymmetrical backing!! Talk about perfect, from both the maker's and the user's end. I have a new screen name for you!! You are now AmazingQuilterMama!!!! Keep it up!!


hikerdeb said...

Ummm. . .in reading the blog directly below this one, I was reminded that you never posted any pix from our awesome visit to the gardens last time I was up there. Since I left my CDs you made me up there along with my laptop, I still haven't seen them other than on your computer. Any chance you could post a few, either here or on F'book?

Diva Quilts said...


Andrea said...

I come by way of TMQG - gosh that's a beautiful quilt!!