Sunday, May 03, 2009


Just a few photos this week (and hey, didn't I tell ya I'd be updating my blog more often?) from a hike we took today at Rouge River. Just flora pics this time, I'll update with fawna (i.e., my children) at a later date.

I love taking pictures of wildflowers, even if my knees get a little dirty. Most people don't even notice them, I think, they are so small and unassuming. Take this red trillium, for example.

red trillium

Henning actually spotted these, and they were all hiding at the base of a tree, their heads pointing at the ground. I had to practically unhinge my neck to get this.

Trout lilies are a little more profuse and obvious.

trout lilies

Here's another one from two weeks ago, gettin' it on with the local bee scene.

bee in trout lily

I finally found some Dutchman's Breeches this week, although not as many as last year.

dutchman's breeches

The bloodroot were still out in force, here with passenger!

bloodroot with ant

And finally, I stumbled upon a sign that the alien invasion has already begun on earth.

alien landscape

Click through and look at the big version of this picture (just go to "all sizes"). It is truly bizarre. The little green alien apartment buildings were all over the place! It has begun! Call Tom Cruise!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this tromp through the forest. See ya later!


Udanax said...

that bee is great! did you photoshop that or take it yourself and RUN? or was it macro, and you just had to walk away briskly? either way, you were awfully close to a bee!

Sara said...

Oh, I took this all right, but I cropped this frame from the original picture. The camera lens was probably about two feet away. I didn't want to piss him off too much!

Udanax said...

i was checking out these photos again, and a second look at that alien flower makes me think that they've finally started building high-rises in whoville!