Wednesday, June 22, 2005

AFI's hundred movie quotes....

...was on last night. Good, but damn, do they have to stretch it to three hours? I swear I felt like I was watching more commercials than anything. I probably was. Of course, during the commercials I played with the kid, so all was not lost. Also, I suspect that the hundred quotes were voted on by mostly men, because, me? Not so much with the Godfather. Two of the top three quotes were Marlon Brando, one from Godfather, one from On the Waterfront. I thought that at least one of the six bajillion Casablanca quotes should have been in the top three. And why is Casablanca not AFI's top movie of the century? I mean, I liked Citizen Kane and all, but if I had the option of rewatching Citizen Kane or Casablanca, Casablanca would win hands down. But I am definitely a slut for dialogue.

In other news, finished the first square of my "going to rip off the baby blanket on Mason Dixon Knitting" baby blankie. If you don't know it, she made this really cool blankie out of mitered squares that kind of slowly devolve. Doesn't make sense, does it. I will try to include a link, but it might be a touch outside of my current blogging knowhow. I also will somehow include a picture of psycho square number one. At least I hope so.

Newsflash! I was emailed by a knitting blog celeb! I don't comment much on the blogs I read (even though I read them every day and love them more than words can say) since I just don't see how my agreeing with the other six bajillion people that commented before me will actually be interesting. But I did leave a comment with the Harlot the other day, just a little short one about how I wished I could go to the Alexandria book signing but couldn't because of motherly duties, and she wrote me back! I can't believe it! How cool is that! Okay, she would probably laugh at me for being so durn excited, but I can't help it! The Yarn Harlot! Wrote me back! An email! From the Yarn Harlot!

Stop me before I blog again....

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