Friday, June 24, 2005


Just a few random observations, since I am not feeling very inspired today:

....Saw the AFI tribute to George Lucas on Monday. Entertaining, but what struck me most was the brief glimpse I had of Peter Jackson. Whoa! Who was that handsome, slender man? He looked ten years younger, and about half his former weight.

....Finished the second psycho square for my psycho square blankie. Will post a photo when the sashing is finished. It's moving along relatively rapidly. For me. I always get really enthused about a project and knit like crazy for three days, then fall out of favor with it. However, this project is so interesting, I'm hoping I will manage to finish it by fall. Don't know how the Dr. Who scarf is going to compete, though.

....Oh yeah, am making Dr. Who scarf for the Anti-Xan. Have about a foot and a half finished. That just leaves another 10,000,000,000 feet to go.

....The Boy loves C-3PO. I bought a giant Pez that talks and plays the Star Wars theme, and the Boy is fascinated by his shiny golden head and glowing eyes. I'm so glad that Star Wars is genetic....

....Why is the organic milk at Kroger $5.69 a gallon, and only $3.49 at Whole Foods? WTF? I could %$#&@ walk to Kroger! ARRGH.

All right, enough. Enjoy your weekend, folkies.

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